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PETA Reveals Hen Hell at Egg Supplier to Tokyo Olympics

A new PETA video exposé of Japan’s largest egg producer, ISE Foods—which is certified to supply the Tokyo Olympics—reveals hell on Earth for hens. ISE Foods claims that its eggs are “so fresh … that they can be eaten raw,” but PETA’s footage shows what conditions are really like on ISE’s factory farms.

Hens are crammed into crowded, stacked cages, and waste from birds above can drop onto those below. Birds are left to suffer and die from painful ailments and are forced to live alongside the rotting corpses of their cagemates. Gentle birds endure a lifetime of misery at ISE Foods just so the company can sell their bodily secretions—unhealthy substances that humans do not need to eat.

See for yourself:

Corpses Left to Rot Alongside the Living

Hens feel pain and fear just as dogs, cats, and we do. Dozens of hens endured panic-filled, painful deaths after becoming trapped under food troughs and crushed. The farm’s daily report blandly describes these fatalities as hens becoming “stuck.” Many hens who died were left to rot in their cages. Surviving hens had to eat, sleep, and breathe just inches away from their decomposing cagemates for days on end.

When hens are seen only as egg-laying machines, not as individuals who think and feel, this is the result.

Injured, Ignored, and Left to Die in Agony

Many hens were found suffering from injuries and painful medical conditions that were a direct result of being confined and forced to lay a massive amount of eggs.

Some hens had prolapsed vents—reproductive tissues protruded outside their bodies, an extremely painful condition caused by being fed an inadequate diet or by the strain of being forced to lay far more eggs than is natural. The raw, inflamed tissues constantly brushed against the dirty wire caging and made laying every egg excruciating.

Numerous hens also had severe abdominal swelling, another condition commonly seen in chickens exploited for their eggs. Others suffered from painful injuries or inflamed feet caused by constantly standing on sharp wire flooring that can dig into the sensitive skin between the toes.

Instead of receiving veterinary care and treatment, ill and injured chickens were simply moved to a “hospitalization cage,” where some eventually died.

Trapped and Stressed in Crowded Cages

Chickens are extremely clean birds who need to preen and take regular dust baths. But in massive warehouses like this one, they’re forced to live in filth and deprived of the freedom to engage in natural behavior.

ISE Foods keeps hens in dark sheds, in rows of cages stacked on top of each other. Birds are packed so tightly together inside the cages that they can’t even spread their wings. They live in constant fear.

They have no place to stand, sit, or lie down except on the uncomfortable wire flooring of their cages. Each hen’s living space is smaller than a sheet of paper.

The unbearable stress and frustration of this extreme confinement causes many chickens to fight with each other and even mutilate themselves. Countless hens can be seen with extensive feather loss.

You Can Help Stop Cruelty to Chickens

There’s no need to eat eggs or chicken or anything else that’s stolen from animals. Whether you’re an Olympic athlete or simply a member of the human race, healthy vegan foods supply all the nutrients you need to thrive—and the delicious flavors you crave. Restaurants, stores, and cafeterias everywhere offer tasty vegan options, making it easier than ever to leave eggs and other cruelly produced foods off your plate.

Will you help hens by refusing to buy their eggs and flesh?

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