Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

Tell SeaWorld’s Newest Shareholder Not to Bring Animals to China!

Zhonghong Zhuoye Group, a Chinese real estate and investment group, has agreed to purchase a 21 percent stake in SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc.—along with the rights to develop SeaWorld parks in China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. We need your help to ensure that these parks do not imprison animals.

China has no federal animal-welfare laws, and even Mitchel Kalmanson—the notorious animal exhibitor who confined big cats to cages 24/7 while on the road with UniverSoul Circus—has said of his experience overseeing the transport of marine mammals to parks in China:

"The Chinese [marine parks] treat the mammals like commodities that they can throw away… They figure they can buy more if they can't keep them alive."

SeaWorld has stated that it will not send orcas overseas, but this does nothing for the other dolphins and whales who may still be shipped halfway around the world to swim in endless circles and break their teeth gnawing on the concrete sides and metal bars of their tiny tanks. Furthermore, there is nothing preventing the group from obtaining orcas from sources other than SeaWorld.

Please tell Zhonghong Zhuoye Group to open parks that feature only innovative, exciting, non-animal attractions that thrill the public and don't harm any animals, instead of perpetuating the same old marine-mammal prisons—then share this alert far and wide!


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