You Can Give an Animal a Better Life

Right now, homeless dogs and cats in Manila are engaged in a life-and-death struggle for survival, scavenging to find the clean water and meagre scraps of food they need to make it another day. Ampon Alaga provides a lifeline for these animals, and today it needs your help.

You can help change a neglected animal’s life with one or more of the items below!

  • $6 can help provide one dog and cat with food for a week while they wait for their permanent homes.
  • $12 can provide a dog with flea, tick, mange, and heartworm preventive treatment.
  • $24 can spay or neuter a dog and provide vaccinations and vital medicines.
  • $40 can help vaccinate and sterilize two cats.
  • $44 can help an animal receive emergency veterinary care.
  • $100 can provide help where it’s most needed.

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