Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

Monkeys at Risk of Being Kidnapped From the Jungle, Caged, and Shipped Far From Home

Japanese macaques are highly social, keenly intelligent primates native to the islands of Japan.

Yet despite their complex and multi-faceted lives, JAVA (Japan Anti-vivisection Association) has informed PETA that the Oita City, Oita Prefecture plans to capture wild Japanese macaques in Mount Takasaki and donate them to a zoo in Uruguay—nearly 20,000 km away from their home and family.

Torn Apart and Traumatised

Japanese macaques live in large groups; females stay with their immediate family for life. They use a wide range of verbal cues to communicate. They are excellent swimmers and youngsters spend their time roughhousing and playing. A Japanese macaques range of activity can extend up to 100 square kilometres, confining them in a zoo and separating them from their troop will cause them emotional distress.

The lush jungles where the monkeys live will be invaded by capture teams to be trapped, separated from their family and friends, and confined in cramped cages. They will then be tested for infectious diseases and will remain confined for weeks until tests are complete. The fear and shock these primates will endure is unimaginable.

Life as They Know it Is Over

These monkeys would be packed in the deafening cargo hold of a transport plane in pitch darkness and temperature extremes. The monkeys will be terrified and confused. By air, it takes about 30 hours to get to Uruguay from Japan.

Take action!

Join PETA Asia and JAVA in asking the mayor of Oita to withdraw this cruel and reckless “donation plan” and ask the Governor of Oita Prefecture to block the issue of a wild capture permit. And ask the Governor of Durazno (where the zoo is located) not to accept the donation of monkeys.

Mayor of Oita
Lic. Prof.
Vidalín Aguirre
Intendente de Durazno

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